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West Sumatra

West Sumatra, located in the west of Indonesia, is inhibited by Minangkabau people. Padang, as its provincial capital, has an international airport that can be reached from Jakarta, Malaysia or Singapore. This land has the most homogenous culture in Indonesia, which almost 97 % of the population is Minangkabau. Minang people are very proud of their culture and traditions, that’s why they love to talk about their culture to visitors they meet.

The people especially women love cooking and mixing the new recipes in their kitchen. Every woman in this culture is supposed to have at least basic traditional cooking skill. The traditional cuisines recipes are taught from generation to another generation. This makes West Sumatra is very famous for its delicious and various cuisines in Indonesia. Rendang, one of Minang traditional cuisine, is being said as the most delicious food in Indonesia even in the world.

West Sumatra is also a perfect destination for those who loves exploring natural destinations. it’s filled with magnificent volcanoes, hill, rainy forests, canyons, lakes, beaches, national park, cultural architectures, and waterfalls. Merapi (2930 MDPL), as the most active and beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia, is a must destination to visit. This peak offers you magnificent landscape and different kind of views at the same time. From the peak, you can see the locals residents, other volcanoes like Singgalang and sago, as well as the most beautiful lake Singakarak.

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