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South Sumatra

South Sumatra is located nearby Lampung, Bangka Belitung, and Jambi province. it’s the biggest population in Sumatra which almost 7.5 million people live here. Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra, is the most populated area in this province. The city is not only inhibited by locals but also immigrant from another part of Indonesia especially from Java island. This makes this province is more multicultural.

South Sumatra has magnificent Sungai Musi, the longest and most beautiful river in Indonesia. The river is the symbol of trade and business in this province. it has a monumental bridge called Ampera, has become the landmark of this province. This bridge is the main attraction in this province, especially in the night, the bridge is more attractive with its lighting. The capital has Chinese, Dutch and Malay influence that can be seen in its city buildings.

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