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This province is located in eastern of Sumatra, facing the Malacca Strait. Due to the geographically close to Singapore and Malaysia, this province becomes the busiest province for business. The capital city of Riau, Pekanbaru is the second developed city in Sumatra. The industry and business make this city are very multicultural. There are many people from another part of Indonesia and some Asian countries come and do their business here.

Riau province is the perfect whole package of a travel destination. It comprises hundreds of small islands that offers natural beauty. this island provides a wide range of experience, from underwater activities to luxury resort experience. These small islands also have stunning beaches which more private and less touristy than any other famous beaches in Indonesia.

The combination of modern society, hidden natural gems, and culture can meet visitors expectation. Batam island, for example, is the most and very developed city that posses modern lifestyle. It has huge shopping centers, nightclubs, bars, cafes and modern restaurants. It’s also being said that Batam is the Singapore replica, where some of the areas simpered and taken from the Singapore street name.

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