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North Sumatra

North Sumatra is the center of Sumatran tourism, also one of the most visited provinces in Sumatra. As the third biggest city in Indonesia, Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, has dutch colonial influences especially in its buildings. This province is a homeland for Batak people, one of the most influential tribes in Indonesia. its strong culture can be seen not only in the city but also in its international Kualanamu airport, the biggest airport in southeast Asia.

The volcanic lake Toba, the biggest and deepest lake in Indonesia has become a traveling symbol in this province. In the middle of lake planted a magnificent tiny island called Samosi that makes the landscape more captivating. This lakes not only offers visitors the stunning view but also activities like swimming, boating, and cultural exploration.

There are many travel destinations offered by this province including cultural exploration, natural beauty and culinary. Batak is also known for its cultural and religious activities. the people put the highest appreciation for their culture, especially Batak people. that’s why there are lots of cultural events that can be watched in this province.

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