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Lampung is the southern province of Indonesia and very close to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. The province is not only famous for its business area but also it a nice place for vacation. It has many beautiful destinations including beaches, old city, waterfall, lakes and many more. Bangkahueni port is the most important port in Indonesia that connect Java and Sumatra island. This port is also very busy with its logistic transferring.

When it comes to the best travel destinations, Lampung has many references for your holiday. The Waykambas national park is a must-see destination that you should visit in Lampung. It’s the biggest and conserved park in Indonesia, where hundreds of Elephants can be found here. The elephants are trained to entertain the visitors for their best performances such as football playing and other peculiar activities.

Lampung is not only popular with its national park but also it has the most beautiful island called pathway. Pahawang becomes more popular both local and international visitors due to its beaches and marine life. These tiny islands offer its main attraction as the best underwater activities in Indonesia. Snorkeling, diving, and boating are the best water activities offered in this wonderful island.

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