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Bengkulu is one of the smallest provinces in Sumatra island which only has 1.8 million population. it’s located in the coastal area, where beaches activities are the main destination offered. Pantai Panjang is the most popular destination in Bengkulu, offering most beautiful and the longest beach in Indonesia. the beach has brown sand facing the coconut trees, makes this beach is more stunning.

The Bengkulu ocean has a magnificent colorful underwater life. The government supports the tourism especially for underwater exploration including diving, snorkeling, and surfing. Even though this province is not as popular as other provinces in Sumatra, but the province has truly beautiful landscape.

This province also offers visitors its jungle, where you can find diverse flora and fauna. This makes this province has ecotourism in Sumatra. there are many rare animals and plants here, including orangutans, Sumatran tigers, elephants and other animals. Rafflesia, the most unique and very rare flower also can be found everywhere in the jungle. If you are jungle lovers, do your best trekking experience while witnessing the unique flora and fauna here.

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