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Southeast Sulawesi

South Sulawesi can be described as the historical province due to the Dutch colonialization. Makasar, as its capital, is one of the cities in Indonesia that still has many dutch old buildings. Some of the building are used to government officials while the others can be seen as the point of interests. The people in this province has strong cultural background and religion. They follow and practice their cultural activities and celebration that makes this province has many events to watch by visitors.

toraja, one of the tribes in South Sulawesi, is very well known for its burial rites. The burial rites represent the appreciation of an old people in a family. If there is a death, the dead body is kept for several years depends on the family decision. This decision can be made when the family has made enough money for the actual funeral ceremony. This ceremony is often wasting much money, especially if the dead person comes from rich family. This death ceremony is known as tamato.

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