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An island with a big historical colonization story, Sulawesi is located in the northeast of Indonesia. It’s one of the fascinating tropical islands in Indonesia comprises six provinces including West, north, central, south, southwest Sulawesi and Gorontalo. Each province in this island has a different majority of tribe, culture, and religion. This islands also has many cultural events, parades and ceremonial, making it as the unique cultural possession after Bali.

Sulawesi is endowed with glorious landscape and beautiful destinations for travelers. A home for thousands of coral reef and other marine life, this island is the world’s largest underwater conservation. The Bunaken island, for example, is the most beautiful and richest underwater biota in Indonesia. Much nautical travel destination can be found here, especially those who love beaches and underwater activities.

West Sulawesi Travel Destinations
Gorontalo Travel Destinations
North Sulawesi Travel Destinations
Central Sulawesi Travel Destinations
Southeast Sulawesi Travel Destinations
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