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Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, one of the world’s largest megapolises. It has historical story reflecting the birth of Jakarta in dutch colonial many years ago. The dutch influential can be seen in some part of Jakarta, including Kota Tua, the oldest area in the city. The city also represents the diversity, where many people from every province come and gather here.

Jakarta offers you a great shopping experience. There are so many shopping malls that you can visit both offering local and international brands such as Gucci, Prada, H&M and many more. The nightlife in Jakarta is also considered as the best nigh destinations in Indonesia followed by Bali. There are plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes and entertainment places that you find here.

Outside of its modern life and historical places, Jakarta has also the natural destinations. It has more than 13.000 small islands, making it as the best travel destinations in this province. Pulau Seribu translated as thousands of islands have many things to offer for visitors. Located in the north of Jakarta, Pulau Seribu can be reached easily by boat operating every day. There are captivating beaches on every island, and water activities offered including snorkeling and diving.

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