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East Java

East Java is one of the most populated provinces in Indonesia. Its capital city is Surabaya, the third second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. This city has significant Chinese influential where you can find many Chinese attributes everywhere here. The modern life can be seen in the city, not only it has many shopping centers, but also it’s a place to find many luxury hotels and resorts. Surabaya can be your first place to begin your journey to explore other east java destinations.

East Java is very well known for its Bromo Semeru Tengger national park. Bromo mountain is considered as one of the most volcanoes in the world. The highest summit in east java, Semeru mountain is also a part of this national park. You can do trekking, hiking, and camping. East Java has the largest volcanoes in Indonesia, including Ijen, Kelud, Raung, Arjuno Welirang and many more. East Java is a heaven for adventures travels activities especially climbing.

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