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Central Java

Central Java is the province with strong historical culture background that influenced by Hindu and buddies. Buddish came in the 19th century left many temples spread out in many locations in this province. Borobudur temple, the biggest buddies temple in the world, represents the existence of a great kingdom of Hindu hundreds of years ago. While the Prambanan temple planted in Hindus era also reflects how great the province was.

Central Java has many things to offer, places to go and cultural events to watch. its capital city, Semarang is one of the best destinations to visit. the city has many Dutch influenced buildings and some Chinese sites that make this city very interesting to explore. Semarang also offers its best culinary which mostly influenced by Chinese cooking recipe combined with Javanese authentic herbs. Simpang Lima, for example, is the area in Semarang where you can hunt its best culinary especially seafood.

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