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West Kalimantan

West Kalimantan is home to the majority of Dayak tribal groups, native people in Borneo island. This province is filled with jungle and bushy area and located at the Khatulistiwa equator. The local’s people live in rustic villages, praising nature and far away from modernity. The Dayak people still believe that nature can give unlimited spiritual feeling and peace. That’s why, exploring this province, learning its culture and living in a peaceful area would be the best idea for your holiday.

West Kalimantan has the spectacular long river, connecting one regency to another. People build their home in the riverside and do their activities in the river. Pontianak, the capital, has a huge floating market, which is considered as the most active floating market in Indonesia. People use a wooden traditional ship to sell vegetables and fruits. Outside of this amazing floating market, there is also another abundance attractions that you can find in this province.

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