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North Kalimantan

Kenyah, Dayak longhouse, is one of the best things to remember when you visit North Kalimantan. Same as West Kalimantan, north Kalimantan is also a home to Dayaks people. Nature and culture are the two important elements in the life of the Dayak community. Most of the people live nearby the river in North Kalimantan. They use the river as a “road” to get everywhere including going to school, going to traditional market and many more by traditional riverboats.

North Kalimantan also offers one of the biggest eco-park in Indonesia, Kayan mentoring national park. The park is 1.36 million hectare, making it as the largest conservation in Kalimantan island. This park comprises at least 1500 mammals, 300 birds, various reptiles, insect, and amphibians. The trekking experience along with camping can be so much adventurous here.

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