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Kalimantan or so-called Borneo, one of the largest islands in Asia, is the southeast island in Indonesia. It’s border to Malaysian territory area and very closed to Brunei Darrusalam. Kalimantan is the island with the largest jungle in Indonesia, filled with thousands of flora and fauna. A home to many kinds of rare animal including a phenomenal primate, Orangutans.

Most of Kalimantan travel destinations are basically heaven for flora and fauna lovers. This island offers you different kind of traveling experience that focuses on ecotourism and jungle exploration. You can explore the longest river in Indonesia with the wooden boat while watching hundreds of birds, orangutans, and other animals along the way. If you are lucky sometimes you can witness the existence of crocodiles in the river.

North Kalimantan Travel Destinations
South Kalimantan Travel Destinations
East Kalimantan Travel Destinations
Central Kalimantan Travel Destinations
West Kalimantan Travel Destinations
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