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Yogyakarta is one of the most visited provinces in Indonesia after Jakarta and Bali. Not like Jakarta, where most of the visitors mainly coming for a business purpose, Yogyakarta is a place for travelers to gather. Located in the heart of Java island, Yogyakarta is actually a small city with big historical story and rich in cultures. Its cultural heritage can attract many people around the world to come. But do you know that this city not only offers its authentic Javanese culture? beyond that, Yogyakarta is a beautiful place to explore both its culture and nature. Here are the best one-day itinerary Yogyakarta holiday destination that you should consider if you travel to Indonesia.

Start your day by visiting Keraton

One day itinerary- Yogyakarta holiday destinations-Keraton

Keraton is a must holiday destination to visit as it became the most visited place in Yogyakarta. Keraton is a sultan palace, a Javanese with spectacular architecture building inhibited by a king and his family. This place is really interesting to visit, especially for those who love learning a culture and its history. This palace was built in 1775 by a prince of Mangkubumi, an important person in Javanese culture.

Opening hours: This palace is open every day from 8 in the morning until 2 pm. So, you should come by morning

What to see: The Javanese building architectures, cultural performance held inside the building, the historical Javanese daily tools like cooking equipment etc.

The entrance fee: The entrance fee is not really expensive, the locals only need to pay half a dollar while international visitors are charged $1.

How to get there: You can use online transportation like grab or uber. You can also get there by yourself by renting a scooter about $5 per day.

Advice: Some of the places around the building might not allow being taken by a camera, so you should get permission before taking pictures.

Go to Taman Sari

One day itinerary- Yogyakarta holiday destinations-Taman sari

Taman Sari is located about 10 minutes walking from Keraton. Its a historical magnificent pool used by the princes of Java to please the king. The king used to visit this place not only for swimming but also, to see and meet his concubines. This pool is no longer used by the king nowadays, due to it’s against the norm of Javanese current perspective. In Javanese historical story, Taman sari was also a place to rest, to meditate, to and to defends sultan family.

Opening hours: It’s open every day from 08:00 – 17:00 pm.

What to see: Magnificent castle architectures and underground mosque.

The entrance fee: $ 0.5 for locals, and $ 1 for international visitors.

How to get there: You can go whether from Keraton about 10 minutes walking or you can reach it anywhere from Yogyakarta using online transportation. It’s advised to go to Keraton first before to visit Taman Sari.

Advice: If you bring a camera (not a phone camera), the security might ask you for a permission. Some visitors with a certain purpose such as filming the location for the documentary project need to pay some extra fee. So, it’s better to get a permission and tell your purpose if you want to bring your camera.

Learn Dutch colonialization in Fort Vredeburg Museum

One day itinerary- Yogyakarta holiday destinations-Vredeburg museum

Forth Vredenburg museum is one of the best historical national theme museums in Indonesia. it’s located in Malioboro street, one of the prominent street in Yogyakarta. There are many exhibits and museum display that show the art, artifacts, and information about Indonesian history. The Dutch colonialization gave a certain color to Indonesian travel, especially in Yogyakarta. The fresh environment with many tresses inside makes this museum is more beautiful. There is also a cafe inside you should visit, while listening to Japanese music played. This museum is also the best holiday destination that you should consider.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 07:30 am to 16:00.

What to see: Museum displays and replicas of Indonesian history, theater, and film.

The entrance fee: International visitors will be charged $1, film and performance show not included.

How to get there: If you are from Keraton or Taman sari, it’s better to walk, its about 15 minutes walking to get there. But if you prefer using online transportation, you will be charged approximately $1.

Advice: You should arrive at this museum at 2:30 pm after you visited keratin and Taman Sari.

Shopping Batik in Malioboro street

One day itinerary- Yogyakarta holiday destinations-Batik Malioboro

After you visited the museum, you can walk in Malioboro street, which is integrated from the gate of the museum. There are many Indonesian street fashion stores as well as department stores that you can visit. These stores provide from low to high-quality products that you can choose. Batik, as an Indonesian traditional costume, has been known internationally, can be found here.  There is also Indonesian street food like a meatball or Javanese traditional drink called “Wedang Ronde” that you should try.

Opening hours: There are no exact opening hours, but usually these stores are open from 9 in the morning until 6 pm.

What to see: Indonesian traditional costume, Javanese traditional music performances played in the street, foodie hunting.

The entrance fee : –

How to get there: You can go by walking

Advice: it’s really recommended to watch you’re belonging while you are walking in this street.

Dinner in Raminten cafe

One day itinerary- Yogyakarta holiday destinations-Raminten Cafe

Raminten is one of the best restaurants in Yogyakarta, combining Javanese traditional food with a modern touch. The cafe has magnificent Javanese architecture and interior, plus with gamelan music played during the opening. There are many recommended menus that you should try such as Ayam Koteka, and Wedangan (Javanese drinks). Come to this cafe for your dinner.

Opening hours: Every day, 24 hours

What to eat: Ayam Koteka, crispy chicken, Javanese tempeh, and tofu.

What about drinks: All of Wedangan (Javanese drinks) is recommended

Price: The range between $1 to $3 depends on the menu chosen.

Advice: It’s better to bring your friends, so you can share the food menu each other.

Yogyakarta is the best holiday destinations that you should visit if you travel to Indonesia. This city gives you different vibe and atmosphere especially the existence of its strong culture. Happy holiday!



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