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Jakarta, a capital city, is the most visited city in Indonesia not only for a business purpose but also for travel. Indonesia might be better known for its magnificent Bali, an island with thousands of travel experiences. But do you know that Jakarta is also worth it to visit when it comes to traveling? the city with important historical buildings has many destinations to visit. If you are traveling to Indonesia, and end up visiting Jakarta for a short-term period of one or two days. Here is the best Jakarta travel guide for a one-day itinerary.

Start your day by visiting Monas

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Monas, an abbreviation of Taman Nasional, is a historical and important symbol in Indonesian history. Located in the heart of Jakarta, monas is a must attraction that you should visit. The tower has an underground museum which displays many historical artifacts, exhibits, arts as well as replicas. The tower represents the independence of Indonesia in 1945 from Dutch colonial. With 132 meters in height, you can actually see everything from the top of the tower.

Opening hours: Monas is open every day except Monday. Tuesday to Friday open from 08:00-16:00, while Saturday and Sunday open from 08:00-17:00.


What to see and do: Museum displays, you can see the magnificent city from the top of the tower, and there is a garden for a relax.


The entrance fee: $1 for international visitors.


How to get there: it’s super easy to get this place from wherever you are in the city. you can use city train for only $0.3 or you can go by online transportation such as grab or Gojek.

Advice: the temperature in Jakarta may be super hot for you, especially if you are coming from European countries. You might not get used to the weather. So, it’s really recommended to bring an umbrella to cover your head while walking in the area of Monas.

Enjoy Istiglal mosque

Istiqlal mosque-One day itinerary- Jakarta travel guide
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Istiglal mosque is the largest and oldest mosques in Indonesia even in southeast Asia. The mosque has 4 level of balconies, and 12 round columns with its rectangular prayer hall. The main architecture is inspired by the common mosque in Mecca, a holy city for the Muslim community in the world. Built in 1954, the mosque has an important meaning in Indonesia history. The word of Istiglal is “independence” translated into English. The interior design and the material used to build in this mosque is really interesting to learn. That’s why visiting this mosque is one of the best Jakarta travel destinations you should visit.

Opening hours: open every day from 04:00-21:00


What to see and do: You can go inside to see the interiors and the design.


The entrance fee: free


How to get there: You can simply walk from Monas for about 10 minutes to get there.

Advice: it’s a holy building for the Muslim community, so if you are non-muslim, it’s advised to wear covered clothes. You can also wear a hijab to go inside.

Go to a National Museum of Indonesia

Indonesian national Museum-One day itinerary- Jakarta travel guide
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Still located nearby monas tower and Istiglal mosque, national museum is also important to visit. This museum offers a magnificent collection of relics, artifacts, and exhibits. This national museum has stunning both interior and exterior. The garden outside the building with little pond and fountain applied to it makes the museum more fascinating. From here, you can learn the Indonesian culture in general. Some museum displays represent some tribes in Indonesia including its music, traditional costumes and so on. this museum is one of the best Jakarta travel destinations you should definitely visit.

Opening hours: every day from 08:00-16:00


What to see and do: Indonesian cultural relics, arts, ceramics, exhibition, clothes and music instruments


The entrance fee: the cost is $1 for international visitors.


How to get there: You can just walk from Monas or Istiglal mosque


Advice: There is a free tour guide available from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am till 2 pm. So, it’s better to get there before 2 pm.

Visit Kota Tua

Kota tua-One day itinerary- Jakarta travel guide
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Kota Tua, translated as the old city, is one of the most visited Jakarta travel destinations. as an Indonesian former capital, this area has a big colonial history. Fatahillah square, as the main attraction in here, is an open space for hanging out in the afternoon. Most visitors rent and go bicycling around the area. There is a cafe called Batavia for your afternoon drinking while watching the people activities outside.

Opening hours: open 24 hours every day


What to see and do: Hanging out, bicycling around the area and relaxing while drinking a coffee.


The entrance fee: free


How to get there: You can go using a train that can be reached by walking from the monas area. The Kota Tua train station is the final stop.

Catch sunset in Ancol beach

Ancol-One day itinerary- Jakarta travel guide
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Jakarta is not merely about its crowded skyscrapers, but you can also enjoy its beaches. Located in the north of Jakarta, Ancol beach is also worth it to visit. As one of the best Jakarta travel destinations, Ancol beach offers you not only its water activities but also its captivating sunset view. You can wait for the sunset while enjoying the white sand and clear water sea.

Opening hours: every day, 24 hours


How to get there: You can use online transportation from Kota Tua.


The entrance fee: You can enjoy the beach for free. But most of the people need to go to the Ancol waterpark because the beach is integrated with the resort.

Jakarta travel destinations are very incredible that you have to visit for one day. From Jakarta, you can continue your traveling to get everywhere around Indonesia such as Bali or Lombok. But, getting an experience traveling to Jakarta is a must.



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