8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations

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If you are planning to travel to Indonesia, congratulations, you choose the right country, one of best world travel destinations. There are many beautiful places that you can explore here, especially if you prefer natural and cultural atmosphere. This country has thousands of islands that offers diverse beauty including beaches, volcanoes, waterfall, forest and many more. There is always something to do and places to go that makes you want to go back again and again. Even though lots of Indonesian travel destinations, here are the best among them that you should visit.


8. West Sumatra

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-West Sumatra

West Sumatra is one of the best Indonesian travel destinations that feature its culture, ceremonies, cuisine and beautiful lakes.The people in this province practice a lot of religious and cultural festivals that makes it interesting to learn. Most of the travelers visit west Sumatra also to enjoy their varied spicy cuisine such as Rendang, a nationally famous food In Indonesia. Once you arrived in West Sumatra, you will see unique big houses everywhere called “Rumah Gadang. Visit Mentawai island too, a paradise for surfing and beach lovers, and a nest of rare endemic mammal species.


7. Yogyakarta

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-Yogyakarta

A center of Javanese culture, and a root of Indonesia history, Yogyakarta has become one of the best Indonesian travel destinations. A king palace, Javanese queen castle and the biggest Buddish temple in the world are enough to define this province. In addition, if you love climbing and hiking, Mount Merapi can be your favorite volcano here. Most of the visitors also do not forget to grab Batik clothes to buy in Malioboro Batik stores as a present for their family. Trying street foods, Javanese authentic cuisines, especially in dinner time can complete your journey in Yogyakarta.


6. Kalimantan.

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-kalimantan

Kalimantan offers a different aspect of Indonesian tourism, where you can find one of the biggest forests in Indonesia. Located on the equator, a shortest Asian island, Kalimantan is the world’s third largest island and most diverse rainforest. This island is a home to thousands of unique species including tigers, orangutans, leopards, hundreds of species of birds, rhinos, anoa and many more. You can visit the national park, exploring the nest of rare animals as well as playing with big orangutans. You will be brought to a new adventure through the river using small wooden boat while seeing the magnificent flora and fauna. If you like adventurous destination, visit Kalimantan as one of the best Indonesian travel destinations.


5. East Nusa Tenggara

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-East Nusa Tenggara


The beauty of Indonesia is not enough without the existence of this province, East Nusa Tenggara. There are so many exotic beaches with a breathtaking view such as radar island, Komodo and Sumba beach. The pink beach, for example, is magnificent to visit, the perfect place for a dip, hiking, sunset watching, sunbathing, and snorkeling. The other island such as Padar island is a very breathtaking view especially when it comes to enjoying a sunset. Padar island is a small island that can be reached by boat, with 25 minutes hiking to the view spot.

You can find one and an only volcanic crater with 3 different color that changes all the time called “Danau Kelimutu”. This island also provides the best hiking and trekking experience, especially on Komodo island. Komodo island is one of the best new world wonders where you can see and even touch a rare primate of Komodo here.


3 Best Places to visit in Indonesia


The culture of West Nusa Tenggara cannot be left without your presence. The Melo village will welcome you with their unique welcoming dance plus with traditional costume and attribute. Instead of staying in the expensive hotel, you can stay with local, and learn their culture. The Melo people have a tradition performance such as Caci dance and another various form of dancing. The performances are enjoyable to see especially added with the sound of chants, songs, and bells.

Staying with local is also perfect for foodie lovers, the local people who love fishing and cooking would be your personal chef. You can enjoy having dinner with them, try their kind of seafood and drink a traditional beverage called “moke”.


4. Raja Ampat

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-Raja Ampat


Newly found and famous by travelers in the world, Raja Ampat is a truly Indonesian paradise. This archipelago comprises over 1,500 small island, cays, and hundred of shoals. If you are an underwater enthusiast, Raja Ampat is a place for you to begin your ultimate underwater experience. There is 540 type of coral reef, colorful fish, 700 types of mollusks, making it as one of the largest underwater biotas in the world. Even though diving and snorkeling are the main attraction to do here, but Raja Ampat also offers you cultural tourism. The unique culture mixed with beautiful rustic village can be your reference to your cultural knowledge. Stay with locals, try their foods, play and interact with them would be the best thing in your life.

3 Best Places to visit in Indonesia


The beauty of Papua is not only for water activities, but it’s beyond travelers expectation. The unique culture also is interesting to be learned. The dance, the traditional costume, the cuisine, and cultural ceremonies will welcome you. You can stay in Papuan traditional home with locals and learn their daily routine.

Sometimes some travelers play with the kids on the beach and learn each other culture, while some others just help the Papuan old women cooking their traditional food. Traveling to Indonesia especially Raja Ampat will give you a true experience, a good value, and knowledge about culture


3. North Sulawesi

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-Bunaken

This province has magnificent and breathtaking landscape especially Bunaken national park. This underwater park is rich with marine life including coral reef, fish, five species of sea turtle, reef sharks, and dugongs. The turquoise and crystal clear water makes this park is perfect for diving and snorkeling. North Sulawesi also offers you Tomohon market in Manado, one and only extreme foodie market in Indonesia. This is a special market where people sell and buy extreme food such as a baked dog, rat, snakes, cats and other animals. You can see the process of dogs being cut into pieces as well as the cooking process. You can visit North Sulawesi for more unexpected unusual Indonesian travel destinations.


2. East Java

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-Bromo

East Java is famous for the magnificent Bromo Tengger National park. A park where you can climb amazing world class mount Bromo or Semeru, one of the highest summit in Indonesia. You can do camping, trekking, hiking or riding horses in Bromo area. There is also a volcanic lake called “Kawah Ijen”, a sulfur lake with breathtaking blue fire in the night. Do not forget to visit Malang, a city with the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. You will also find lots of waterfall, temples and unique villages here. Before you leave this city, try traditional food called “Rujak Cingur, one of the cultural food in East Java.


1. Bali

8 Crazy Indonesian travel destinations 2018-Bali


Bali is very popular among travelers not only because it’s exotic beaches, and surfing spots but also Bali offers cultural ceremonies and events as well as friendly people. There are many places to visit depends on what type of place do you prefer the most. Once you arrived in Bali, you should go to Kuta beach first, relaxing and seeing exotic beach while drinking morning coffee. Then you can start your journey riding a motorbike to Tanah lot, a phenomenal place where you can find Hindus ritual with the magnificent temple. You can see the intimacy of local people with their god in their daily and weekly rituals. Tanah lot is perfect for those who like exploring and learning social culture and religion.


3 Best Indonesian travel Destinations-Bali


You can also visit Ubud especially if you like natural landscape such as rice terraces or waterfalls. Ubud offers many rice terraces such as the phenomenal one Tegalalang and Jatiluwih rice terraces. Walking through rice field path while viewing breathtaking surrounding might be perfect for you. however, Ubud is not only offering Rice terraces, there are also resorts with infinity pool, spas, and yoga classes that make your vacation more alive. Do not worry about the prices, you can find a variety of resorts that offer both affordable and luxury here. if the night comes, you can go to bars or coffee enjoying Bali’s nightlife especially in Seminyak or around Kuta beach.

3 Best Places to visit in Indonesia


you love staying in luxury and world-class services of accommodation, there are lots of resorts that you can book here. If you are foodie lovers, you can choose both traditional and modern foods.The beauty of Bali is not stopped only for beaches and water activities. You can see the culture with strong Hindu’s influence by arts performing shows. Watch the phenomenal Kecak show in Jimbaran Bay while enjoying dinner with seafood and Bali’s beer.

Bali is definitely the best Indonesian travel destination that you should visit at least once in your life.

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