Best Things to do In Riau Indonesia

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When it comes to the best things to do in Riau, this province is the perfect place for pleasure seekers. Riau is the eastern coast of Sumatra island closes to Singapore and facing the strait of Mallaca. It comprises abundances beautiful small islands, and most of them still untouched by travelers. People usually visit Batam island, which is the busiest industrial city in Riau mainly for working or doing business. However, outside of being a business province, Riau is actually the best place for those who love beaches activities. If you are traveling to Indonesia and interested to visit this province. Here are the best things to in Riau you should try:

1. Explore Bintan Island

Exploring Bintan island is the best things to do in Riau province. Bintan Island is the largest island in this province that offers high-class resorts, golf courses, and beach activities. There are many resorts that provide a number of water activities including snorkeling, diving, yachting and many more. Even though golf courses are the highest demand, but snorkeling and diving are also the favorite things to do here. If you are budget travelers, you can enjoy a cheap package of diving classes too with nice services here. You can visit Bintan Diving Centre for more information about diving and snorkeling.

Tanjung Pinang

Best things to do In Riau Indonesia-Tanjunng Pinang

The point interest of this island is not only for its captivating blue lagoon with white sand beaches. It’s also a place for a number of historical heritage sites especially in the capital city, Tanjung Pinang. There is a large Buddish temple called Maritima temple located in the village of Senggarang that you can see. In Tanjung Pinang, you can also see sultan palace with the combination of Javanese and Dutch architecture.

Chinese Temple

Best things to do In Riau Indonesia-Lohan Statue

Another temple called lohan temple also interesting to see with approximately 500 lohan statues hidden in the temple. This temple set on a hill with impressive Chinese architecture and high walls. Exploring this temples makes you feel like you are in China. This is especially because of the existence of Chinese arhats, ornament and religious statue. You can also find pavillions with quiet prayer and medication as well as a big statue called Guanyin Bodhisattva. Exploring Bintan island can be one of your best things to do in Riau Province.

2. Visit Natuna Island

Outside of the glamorous resort in Bintan Island, Natuna island offers the natural vibe with the adventurous atmosphere. This island is the front line of Indonesian maritime territory which border to Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This island is blessed with evergreen panoramic landscape especially when it comes to beaches and marine life. Although the tourism in Natuna is not yet recognized by travelers, the beauty of the island can beat touristy places in Indonesia such as Bali and Lombok.

Water Activities

Best things to do In Riau Indonesia-Natuna Island

Water activities are the main things to do here where the island offers abundances of captivating underwater spots. You can try snorkeling and diving, exploring marine life with thousand colorful coral reef and many types of fishes. In addition, most of the visitors explore this tiny island using a small ferry to get another nearby island. The waves are quite and not too strong which is perfect to do water activities. Many people consider that doing water activities on this island is the best things to do in Riau.

Learn local culture

If you are traveling to Natuna, do not forget to explore the hospitality of local people including its culture. Most of local are mixed with Javanese, and Malay that makes their culture interesting to learn. Most of them working as a fisherman, while some other doing their own small business mostly selling products. As a remote island in Indonesia, the internet access and electricity are the main problems here. That’s why most local people can not access to modern society. The English language is not well spoken here, they only speak Bahasa with the local dialect. So, if you are traveling to this island, be well prepared for such a condition. You should also use a guide to make you easier to have a conversation with locals.

3. Enjoy Batam Island

As mentioned above, Batam is an industrial and most developed island in Riau province situated near Singapore. Most people say that the city is a small replica of Singapore that provides the modern architecture of the building. The fast-growing infrastructure such as road, transportation, and business building makes this city more attractive. That’s why there are so many things that you can do here.

Shopping center

This city is also well known for its shopping center. You can buy a good quality product for the cheaper price. The electronic items are the most prominent business along with clothing stores. Most of the famous brand in Singapore mainly made in here. So that’s why many visitors take advantage to buy good quality and original clothes with affordable price here. You can hunt and shop like crazy here.


Best things to do In Riau Indonesia-nighlife

The nightlife in Batam is also one of the best things to do in Riau province. You can check the nightlife activities on Batam club. There are so many bars, restaurants, and entertainment activities such as Karaoke, dancing shows, and the night performances. If you look for restaurants, you will find many nice restaurants with any type of foods. You can eat fresh seafood whether in luxury restaurants or street food stall depends on your budget. The Chinese and Malay food also found here as well as western food like hamburger, hot dog and many more. Enjoy your night in Batam is one of the best things to do in Riau province.

Riau province has always something to explore by travelers, especially with its amazing islands. But, Bintan, Natuna, and Batam islands are the most attractive destination and best things to do in Riau province.










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