7 Best Kalimantan Travel Destinations

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Kalimantan travel destinations have become more popular these years compared to ten years ago. The growing of social media today makes the hidden gems of Kalimantan emerged to the world. The local government also contribute to the improvement of tourism facilities including road and bridge. This makes travelers easier to explore and enjoy the beauty of this island. If you have a plan to visit Kalimantan, here are the best Kalimantan travel destinations:

1. Derawan Island

Derawan island- Best Kalimantan Travel destinations

Derawan island becomes popular among international traveler who loves the quiet and enchanting atmosphere. It lies a turquoise beach combined with white sand and filled with coconut tree, a typical tropical beach. Located in eastern Kalimantan, the archipelago has four main islands including Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki, and Kakaban.
The water activities are the favorite thing here, especially snorkeling and diving. This island has so many beautiful coral reef and other species of marine life such as manta ray, dugongs, and barracudas. In addition, Derawan island is a place to Indonesian largest nesting site of a rare green giant turtle. Derawan island is the best Kalimantan travel destinations you should visit.

2. Banjarmasin

Best Kalimantan Travel destinations- Banjaramsin

Getting to know the local culture and how the people live and interact with each other is the meaning of traveling. That’s why, when it comes to the best Kalimantan travel destination, Banjarmasin can define the culture. In the morning, you can see local people sell and buy fresh vegetable and fruits using traditional canoes. You can also buy and eat some food for breakfast on the canoe while interacting with the locals. This floating market is the largest in Indonesia and one of the best Kalimantan Travel destinations that you should visit.

3. Merabu village

Best Kalimantan Travel destinations-village

Kalimantan travel destination is also more interesting with the existence of Merabu village. An isolated village, located in a small river and a fortress of karst pinnacles. Far away from the crowd and outside world hassle, this village has a peaceful atmosphere. It is entirely inhibited by native Borneo called “orang Dayak”. The village has the magnificent formation of karstic outcrops located in the forest. However, it’s a little bit difficult to reach this area due to the lack of infrastructure. You should use a local guide to lead you to this destination. If you are lucky, you can also see wild orangutans, rare bads and other wild creatures along the way.

4. Gunung Palung national park

Best Kalimantan Travel destinations- Gunung Palung national park

Kalimantan has the largest forest in Indonesia, a home to many wild creatures and conserved animals. This park offers rainforest accessible trekking location. This park has the largest population of Orangutans, hundreds of sun bears, acrobatic gibbons, leopard, and other rare animals. There is hundreds type of rainforest trees that you see while trekking. The park entrance is around $15 per person per day, not including a guide. Before you start trekking, be prepared to use mosquito anti cream and bring enough water and food. Trekking and exploring Gunung Palung National Park are the best Kalimantan travel activities.

5. Danau Sentarum national park

Danau Sentarum national park-Danau sentarum

This park is one of the best Kalimantan travel destination, located in a remote area of the upper Kapuas River, West Kalimantan. You can explore every edge of this park using traditional wooden boat while watching the magnificent forest with its biodiversity. There are more than 120 species of fish in this lake including toman, Betutu, Jelawat and many more. In addition, this park is a home to wild rare animals like estuarine crocodiles, Siamese crocodile, clouded leopard, pheasant, and false gavial. While enjoying the wildlife, you can also see the unique local homes floating in the lake.

6. Labuan Cermin

Danau Sentarum national park-Danau cermin

There is no an end when it comes to exploring the beauty of Kalimantan island. There is always places and activities to do. Labuan Cermin is one of Kalimantan travel destination, a hidden gem and less touristy place to find a peaceful. Located in the middle of a forest in Berau regency, East Kalimantan. These lakes have two different taste both in tasteless and slaty. This lake has magnificent clear water where you can lake animal like fish from the surface. You can do snorkeling, swimming, and diving here. The freshwater surrounded by trees that will make you fall in love with this Kalimantan travel destination.

7. Panacur aji waterfall

Danau Sentarum national park-air terjun pancur aji

A waterfall is always attractive to explore, especially Pancur aji waterfall, located in West Kalimantan. This place is a little bit isolated, making this as your traveler’s best and private spot for swimming and enjoying the fresh mountain water. In the weekend, local kids sometimes spend their time playing in this waterfall. You can also join with them, playing and laugh together. This makes your travel more alive if you visit this Kalimantan travel destination.

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