Best Asian Country to visit for Expatriates

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Living in metropolitan countries might be not the best thing for some people. The pollution, the noise and crowded can be the main reason why people hate living in the big cities. Additionally, the living expenses and the higher level of stress can be the worst thing that harms people life. Of course, everybody has their own standard of living, but living abroad is one of their biggest dreams for expats.

Many things that need to be considered including quality of life, work, family life and personal finance. The other elements such as how safe you feel the ease of making friends is also necessary. Meanwhile, most expat also seeks for peace, beautiful landscape to visit every weekend, and lower expenses.

Asian countries can be your best destination to make a new life for your family and grow your kids. Their lower currency is beneficial for you, especially if you come from European, Australia and American countries. Here are the best Asian country to visit for expatriates.

Bali, Indonesia

Best Asian country to visit for expat- Bali

Bali is one of the best Asian countries to visit for expatriates to live. Bali is a beautiful island located in eastern of Indonesia that offers famous surfing spots and exotic beaches. Bali has the positive vibe of living both environment and safety that makes this island become more popular among expats. The food and living cost is not relatively high compared to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.


  • Cost of living: the estimation of living standard in Bali cost you between $600 – $1,800 per month for a single person according to Numbeo.
  • Foods: Asian food is cheaper than western food which cost about $2 per meal with a drink. Eating out or cooking by yourself is the almost the same price because many cheap restaurants found here.
  • Transportation: You can rent a motorcycle for $5 per 24 hours available while car between $30-$50. Many expats tend to buy a secondhand motorbike for a cheaper option if staying for a long period. You can also check regularly the renting price on Renting motorbike in Bali
  • Safety: safety is relatively safe in Bali, but you need to adjust and learn how to drive motorbike safely. There is no many pickpocketing or robbery here because of the intensive safety of the security and local policies.
  • Childs friendliness: Bali has a good environment to raise your child’s. There are many international schools provided for expats with good a reputation. You can also check for one of the best international school in Bali including Green School Bali.


Best Asian Country to visit for expatriates-Phiphi island

When it comes to the best Asian country to visit for expatriates, Philipines is perfect. The entire country is beautiful and you can feel you are on vacation every day. The currency in Philippine is beneficial for European, Australian and American expats to live here. The safety and westerners friendly are the most important element that this country provided. Most of the people speak English which is really helpful for you to live, especially get in touch with locals. Filipino treats everyone with respect, friendliness, cheery and honest, so you can easily adapt to the people and the culture. Philipines is one of the most tolerant countries in Asia that makes you safer to begin your life here.


  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Philipines is 10.8 % lower than in Bali, Indonesia. The accommodation to live is not really expensive.
  • Foods: Almost foods in the Philippines is quite a similar to Indonesia between $1-$3 per meal. The seafood here is quite cheaper compared to Indonesia. You can also buy fish, squid and even lobster for $2 per kilogram in traditional groceries. You can eat seafood every day while drink coconut water.
  • Transportation: The transportation is relatively cheap around $3-$6 per day for scooter while $20-$40 per day for a car if you rent on Renting Motorbike. When it comes to using a motorbike for a long period, you should buy the secondhand motorbike rather than rent it.
  • Safety: The safety in the Philippines is quite similar to Indonesia when it comes to road condition. You should wear a helmet everywhere you go if you are riding a scooter. If you do not have an international license, you can get it in your country before you arrive here.

In short, Bali and Philippines are the most preferable and the best country to visit for expatriates. If you are one of those, make sure to search information about the best Asian country to visit for expatriates especially when it comes to the living expenses. Both countries offer pro and cons but the average is similar.

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