3 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Yogyakarta

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Yogyakarta, a gateway to Indonesian culture destination, is a small city filled with its magnificent experiences. The Keraton, a king palace, symbolizes its greatest Javanese kingdom history. The Borobudur and Prambanan temple, the world’s best UNESCO heritage can be reached nearby from here.

Outside its privileged historical places, Yogyakarta is also well known for its delicious and authentic culinary. The emerging metropolitan vibe combined with its Javanese culture, Yogyakarta is the best place for foodie hunter. There are many places to eat and drink namely cafes, restaurants, and street food stalls. The organic vegetarian cuisines, the western food,  local specialized, and another type of cuisines are available.

If you are traveling to Yogyakarta, don’t miss these places for your hungry stomach.

1. Viavia

Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Viavia 5


Located in the center of Yogyakarta in Jalan Prawirotaman, ViaVia has been serving the consumers for nearly 20 years. This place has the integrated cafe and restaurant in one place. Homy design combined with comfy re-used interior attract many travelers to come every day.

The food is mainly organic with self-vegetable plantations to keep the food fresh and healthy. They cook the food with traditional cooking style with a modern touch. They use healthy ingredients without artificial flavor and of course gluten-free. The quality of food offered is the main specialty of this restaurant.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Viavia 3


The manager said that the idea of making this cool restaurant is the increasing of health awareness. Many foods are sometimes cooked with wrong method and ingredients that turn into a toxic to our body. when you are traveling it’s important to eat some healthy food sometimes. Especially if you are traveling to Asian countries where the foods are quite different from the western stomach.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Viavia 2


ViaVia not only offers the heavy meal, but you can also find desserts, healthy chips and any types of cake and bread. You can also get 50 percent discount for bread and other selected cakes starting from 8 pm. The drink price range between IDR.3000-37.000 while foods are between IDR.14.000 – 138.000. For the dessert and bread, you can get less than IDR.10000.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Viavia


Every weekend they have a live music with any genres including jazz, acoustic and soft blues. They also have art displays such as painting, souvenirs, postcards, and another type of merchandise. You can also be participated in painting classes offered. As the “travelers home” concept, Vavia also offers tour packages with good price. If you don’t know where to go in Yogyakarta, just rely on their service. Viavia is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta.


2. Milas vegetarian

Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Milas 1


Still located in Jalan Prawirotaman, the heart of Yogyakarta, Milas appears with a different concept. It’s hidden back in a residential neighborhood not too far from one of the backpacker’s areas of Yogyakarta. It’s garden restaurant concept with a quiet atmosphere. The shading of the tree makes it more comfortable even on hot days. This restaurant is designed by combining the natural environment and local tradition. Most of the building and chairs made from bamboo.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Milas 2


The serving menu is taken from selected organic vegetables from its garden. The same concept with Viavia, this restaurant also use the healthy method of cooking with free gluten and monosodium glutamate (MSG). But of course, miles has a different type of menu with secret recipes that make the food very delicious. The salad is their specialty where you can get it in a package with a free drink.




Coming up with traditional and local proud, this restaurant also sell many gift and local arts. The displays are connected to the restaurants, where you can choose Yogyakarta’s traditional craft and souvenirs to buy. They are in a cooperate with a non-profit organization, where most of the products made by the local community. the idea of the place is to bring together many good ideas to participate in a better world: education, program, market, etc.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Milas 4


Compared to other typical restaurants in Yogyakarta, Milas offers a cheaper option to be healthy. The food and beverages are not really affordable where price is about $2.5 – $ 4. The portion of every menu is quite bigger compared to others. So, this restaurants is worth it to visit while for backpackers. You can get delicious healthy food and at the same time not waste much money. Milas is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta.


3. Loving Hut

Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Loving hut 5


If you are vegan, you should have known this amazing vegetarian restaurant. The loving hut is a franchised restaurant with a huge community around the world. the founder is Ching Hai, a spiritual teacher from Vietnam who connect the nature, spiritual, and human mind. her self-awareness of spiritual and health made her create an amazing vegan restaurant called “loving hut.

There is two location of the restaurant in Yogyakarta, in Jalan Moses Gatotkaca and in Jalan Demangan Baru. Even though they are not located in the center of Yogyakarta, it’s easy to get there by any type of transportation.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Loving hut


Loving hut offers any type of foods and drinks including appetizers, soups, noodles, desserts, smoothies and heavy meals. Similiar to Viavia and Milas, the vegetables used in this restaurant also taken from their own vegetable garden. The beverages offered also made with fruits and herbs including juice and Indonesian traditional drinks. The cakes are made from vegetables such as carrot, sweet potatoes, and others without using artificial sugars.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Loving hut 2


This restaurant is the combination of Javanese culture and vegan life. they synchronize the local’s dishes with the vegan principal. As the menu is very healthy, but the price is also affordable. All dishes are served with a big portion, so sometimes you can share your food with your friends. Self-service or table-service available at this informal type restaurant.


Best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta-Loving hut 3


The Loving Hut has a solid community to keep the awareness of healthy living. sometimes visitors can consul and ask everything about a healthy life. The goal of this restaurant is the promoting the healthy lifestyle, mind, and soul. So, you can ask about your health and what to eat or drink too here.

When it comes to the best vegetarian restaurants in Yogyakarta, these places are really worth to visit. as you are enjoying the city of Yogyakarta, you can also eat some healthy foods with the combination of traditional and modern touch.

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